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        About us

            Hangzhou Yiguoren Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is located at Yuhangtang Rd, Cangqian Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the development and production of diagnostic reagents and disposable medical consumables. We has been appraised as "Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "Hangzhou Emerging Enterprise", and "Hangzhou ‘Eagle Plan’ Enterprise” with multiple registered trademarks and utility model patents; and actively In prepare for the application of national emerging enterprises.

            In our company, professional technicians or R&D personnel with bachelor’s degree or above account for more than 50% of the total employees, and those with a junior college degree or above accounts for more than 70% of the total employees. The core team have been worked on pharmaceutical product development for many years. Our business module focuses on the research of pathological technology (including cells, tissues, molecular) and related pathological diagnostic products, sterile medical devices, etc.,and relating technical services.

            Our company currently has two major business modules. The first module is the medical device entity industry that is dominated by the development, registration, production and sales of pathological diagnostic reagents and sterile medical devices; the second module is technical service industry that is dominated by tissue, cell, molecular and other pathological technologies and integrated with technical services or related research.T he following sub-items of the establishment basis and work content of the two business modules are listed as follows:

        Business Module of Medical Devices:

            Our medical device industry was tarted in 2014. It has designed and built a 10,000-grade clean workshop for medical devices in accordance with the requirements of the standard. We also established independent production lines for disposable sterile medical consumables and in vitro diagnostic reagents. Independent professional laboratories such as pathology laboratory, quality control (QC) laboratory, microbiology laboratory, PCR laboratory, etc. have been gradually built. And are equipped with a large number of professional instruments and equipment, such as gas chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, PCR instrument, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, rotary pathology slicer, automatic tissue dehydrator, biological safety cabinet, ultra-clean workbench and bacteria collector. All of these provide a strong guarantee for our company’s product development, technical research, mass production, and quality control.

            So far, Our company has obtained registration or filing certificates for 11 medical device products, and another 2 products are under registration review. All our products are divided into two categories, one is in vitro diagnostic reagent products based on cell and molecular pathology, such as: disposable virus sampling tube, sample preservation solution, TCT cell preservation solution, cell filter, etc.; the other is sterile medical consumable products that enter the human body briefly for single use, such as: disposable sterile sampling swabs, disposable cervical sampling brushes, and disposable create protectors. A total of more than 100 mature products with specifications and models of our company have been industrialized and sold on the market. As our sales network cover s all provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country.

            On the basis of the company's solid foundation, mature structure, steady growth in domestic sales, and the gradual enrichment and specialization of products. Starting from 2020, our company has launched an international market development plan and started to carry out international trade-related promotion work to achieve the registration of both domestic and international sales of some products, promote  the coexistence of domestic sales and export sales model, opening up a larger market with the purpose of promoting the company's greater growth. By the end of 2020, our company has signed the "European Agreement" with the Spanish company "ZOUSTECH SL", and the products "disposable virus sampling tube" and "disposable sampling swab" have been registered with the EU authorities in order to get the eligible \ "CE" mark and export sales qualifications. At the same time, the ISO13485 quality system certification program and the CE-MDR certification of sterile consumable products such as "disposable aseptic sampling swabs" have been initiated, making extensive preparations for the international market development of products that are suitable for export.

            At present, our company has a complete institutional setup and professional management team. The core technical and management personnel have rich experience in R&D, production and quality management of sterile drugs, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, etc. We have established a production quality management system in strict accordance with GMP requirements and continue to promote its operation in a effective and standardized way.

        Technical  Service Module of Pathology Experiment:

            With the clinical promotion and application of corresponding products (disposable medical consumables and diagnostic reagents) in the field of tissue, cell, and molecular pathology technology, our company has a more in-depth research capabilities for pathology technologies, projects, products, etc. All of these have prompted our company to achieve further understanding of technical need for clinical and scientific research.

            Since 2018, our company has continuously accelerated the pace of R&D investment in the field of pathology technology, strengthened its own capabilities, and opened up the work of the "pathology laboratory technology service" module. Many research cooperation items and professional technical services have been carried out in hospitals, scientific research institutes,medical schools, etc., and a number of scientific research projects have been completed.

            Continuous research, technology optimizing and products registration are our company’s unchanging working tenet. Our company will continue to advance on the road of technology research and product development, and strive to grow into the model with our own characteristics, autonomous intellectual property rights, and independent technical lines. The Company expects to continue to develop a higher-level series of products in the field of molecular pathology. In the future, our company will continue to improve the research and development system to make the allocation of talents, technology, equipment and other resources more equitable and sufficient, and move towards the future with higher quality specialization, industrialization and three-dimensionality.

            In order to cultivate highly competitive talents, our company will formulate a suitable career plan for each employee, providing them with an ideal platform for further self-elevating. Continuous professional training and learning have enabled our company to have multi-project and long-term practical operational experience, which also enable us to provide customers with accurate, efficient and high-quality certified medical products and technical services. "Good at medicine, benevolence in the heart" is the basic principle of "Yiguoren". Our company is ready to provide consumers, employees, and partners with a broad space for development. Let us grow together, start with the ordinary and move towards the extraordinary.